Журнал социологии и социальной антропологии

Социологический институт РАН, Сектор социологии власти и гражданского общества

The International Foundation for the Support of Social Research and Education "Intersotsis" was established in 2004 at St. Petersburg, Russia.


1) The Foundation supports the academic periodical "Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology " since 2004. The Journal is published with the participation of the Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg State University and Sociological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.

2) The publication of textbooks, individual and collective monographs, materials of scientific conferences (more than 25 educational and scientific publications).

3) An international research project under the 6 Framework Programme of the European Commission "Towards a Lifelong Learning Society in Europe: The Contribution of the Education System" (under the 6th Research and Technological Development Framework Program of the European Commission), 2005-2010. This Research project involved European partners and focused on continuing education in the North West of Russia: Leningrad, Novgorod, Vologda, and Arkhangelsk Regions.

4) Current research projects in St. Petersburg and in Russia are focusing on modernization and migration.

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